Monday, September 26, 2016

today's headlines

the income gap narrows (incredibly)
and the new gilded robber barons
cry out #thanksobama
and prop up their orange faced puppet
with the neo-southern strategy trump card;
while 90's nostalgia, or amnesia,
supports their plutocrat with a vagina;
while the press,
undeserving of their protected freedoms,
fail to serve the public and
speak truth to power,
by calling "bullshit."
the cops are an occupying force,
"a fucking war machine protecting the wealth of the employing class."
these are not isolated incidents:
the killing of an unarmed bad dude whose car broke down
and a father waiting to pick his kid up after school
while his wife records to protect herself
since their bodycams will only show what
they want us to see...
which is not the truth:
it's the #charlotteuprising.
#charlotteriots is a lie.
parents and children and clergy and atheists, alike,
of all color,
are locking arms and
"our streets! no justice, no peace!"
kneeling in nonviolent patriotic protest,
in the face of police in riot gear,
acting as the often ignored conscience of a nation that declares
"liberty and justice for all;"
while in reality,
there's a legal system for the poor
and another for the banker:
one gets incarcerated;
the other gets a $125 million severance package...
because there's always, only ever been the class war;
and when patience wears thin
and tensions boil-over
and the windows of a BoA branch get smashed,
it must be admitted "that a riot is the language of the unheard."

some dark times for democracy in the old u.s. of a;
but there's some hope in knowing that the progressive era followed the gilded.

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